“They aren’t doing it.”


January started 2015 with a full calendar of trainings.  It was great to spend time with churches and agencies that are committed to equipping!

I was asked, “What do you find to be most lacking in training for churches serving cross-culturally?” Sadly my answer was, “They aren’t doing it!”

That may sound harsh, but I often hear, “I wish I had known all of this, before I went on my first trip.” or “I wish we had been using this information all along.”

It is never too late to start! I know you are busy and it may seem overwhelming. If you or your organization are working, serving, or studying cross-culturally, please invest in some pre-trip planning and preparing.  You won’t regret it.  As a matter of fact, everyone will thank you for it. Don’t leave home without it!

We have a variety of options for you:

Online Training Sessions-Five different sessions covering the fundamentals starting at $4.99.  Watch these individually at your own convenience, anytime or on any device.  These videos stream from our website and come with downloadable handouts and reflective questions for discussion.  You can also purchase the whole course and train a team as well.  Watch a promotional video here.  See sessions here.

Online Overseas Safety and Security Session-If you are traveling/vacationing cross-culturally, you need to watch this session! Traveling globally brings the excitement of new cultures and sites, but also potential risks as you enter into a foreign context.  Prepare yourself with:

  • Pre-travel planning
  • Packing-what to bring and what to leave at home
  • Types of Crises and how to best deal with them
  • Situational awareness
  • Food and water safety
  • Information Security

Customized Training Workshops: We specialize in customizing a workshop specifically for your church or organization.   Do you need to raise up and train leaders?  Do you need a deeper Safety and Security workshop?  We can help you with face-to-face interactive workshops that, like others, will leave you saying, “I really walked away feeling well equipped and even ready to help others prepare.”

As the travel season nears, I would love to talk to you and help you with resources that meet your specific needs.  Email me at info@equippedtogo.org.

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