This workshop is a Training for Trainers. It is designed to resource you and your leaders for leading a short-term mission team well. This 2-day workshop will be an interactive time as we dive into the many aspects of leading others to engage the nations. Throughout the training there will be group activities and case studies that engage everyone and build the confidence levels of potential leaders.

Who should come:

Mission Pastors, Mission Directors, Mission Sending Non-Profit Organizations and Lay Leaders.
Often times Church and Non-Profit staff carry the load of leading their short-term teams on mission. This can be taxing to your ministry with the responsibilities you already carry. We encourage you to come to this workshop and and bring others with you. Identify those individuals currently involved in your mission outreach who show leadership qualities and personally invite them to be a part of this training too.

We will start the night with a cultural dinner and dive into our first few sessions. We will finish by 3:30 pm on Saturday.


  • The Theology of Sending

    This session reflects on Old and New Testament Scriptures outlining the way God uses ordinary people to fulfill the Great Commission and reconcile peoples of all nations to Himself.

  • Fundamentals of Leadership/Team Dynamics

    Not many people jump up and down to lead a volunteer group across the world. This session deals with leadership qualities and how to grow and feel confident in the aspects of leading. The leader will learn to trust God in building the team, how to prayerfully say no to someone when it is in their best interest, as well as facing and resolving conflict.

    Growing as a Team Leader, Team Building, Identifying Strengths & Weaknesses, Dealing with Conflict, Understanding Personality Profiles, etc.

  • Equipping Volunteers for Effectiveness

    Equipping for cross-cultural ministry is more than a trip to a foreign context to ‘do’ something. This session teaches the leader how to prepare their group spiritually to join the work God has before them. There will be unknowns to face and those you are ministering to are watching how you react.

    Worldview, Culture Stress/Shock, Sharing Your Testimony, Bible Storying, etc.

  • Team Spiritual Preparation

    Building Prayer Support, Prayerwalking, Understanding Spiritual Warfare

  • Health and Safety Precautions

    Preparing physically, Staying healthy

  • Security and Crisis Management

    There are a number of circumstances that can constitute a crisis while traveling internationally. There are no guarantees of safety, however, recognizing and avoiding potential risks and tools for crisis management may be the key to survival should a situation occur. This interactive session will help participants begin thinking through a contingency plan should any unexpected situation occur.

    Developing your security profile, What to do if an emergency occurs.

  • Debriefing the Team and Next Steps

    Missions is discipleship! Experiencing God in a foreign context changes people and often times they don’t understand what God is saying to them. This session helps leaders to use a debrief process daily to help participants discover the deeper truths God is teaching them about Himself, the world around them and how He wants to use them. It also includes resources for helping people to uncover next steps.

  • Getting There

    Logistics: Suggested Packing Lists, Calculating Costs and Budgeting Money, Reconciling funds upon return

February 8 6 pm-9 pm

February 9 8 am-3:30 pm

$125 per person

The Journey Church
212 Leeville Pike
Lebanon, TN 37087


We would like to give a big shout out to The Journey Church in Lebanon, TN and The Upstream Collective for sponsoring this event.

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