About Equipped To Go

Equipped To Go provides a number of services to individuals or groups desiring to be culturally adept while traveling, living and working in foreign countries.

We meet each individual, church or non-profit organization where they are by providing customized workshops and resources that will prepare them for their cross-cultural experience. Through an initial consultation we can determine the need of the organization and provide just-in-time training or a coaching relationship to help them reach long term goals.

Debbie Stephens

Debbie Stephens, President and Founder of Equipped To Go, lives in Middle Tennessee with her husband, Alan, of 36 years. Debbie has been training and equipping others to serve cross-culturally for 20 years. She is passionate about improving communication and team effectiveness through experienced training.



Debbie is a disciplemaker with a heart for the nations. She has trained team leaders & led teams to the ends of the earth. Combining passion with practice, she is effective in communicating the ‘how’ of missions as well as the ‘why.’ I wholeheartedly recommend her to assist your church in its mission!
PHIL N, Affinity Connection Strategist (Southeast Asian People) – International Mission Board


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