A Tip on Exchanging Money Internationally


Just a word that the new US $100 bills are now in full circulation.

With several new security features, the most notable (and perhaps the

most unsightly…) is the blue 3-D security ribbon with images of

bells and 100s. The new bills were initially released October 8, 2013

and, by the end of October, the new bills will have filtered down into

coffers around the world.


When the Federal Reserve places new bills into

circulation, many foreign banks and money changers quickly refuse to

take the older “obsolete” bills, causing problems for

travelers who carry the older (but still just as valuable) $100s. Word

to the wise, when traveling internationally it is best to bring

the new $100s for exchange beginning now. Otherwise you

could find exchanging your “old” cash harder than


  1. Ellen 8 Nov 2013 | reply

    Thanks for this very practical tip! A word to the wise–might save us some major headaches. In some parts of the world, bills need to be very clean and crisp as well.

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