4 Ways To Live Sent


Photo used with permission by IMB

Living sent looks a lot like living life.

God took us from our hometown in southern Indiana to Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1996. We thought we were moving because of my husband’s job. Instead it has been a training ground. For almost 20 years we have been following where God leads.

After only one year in Knoxville, God sent me back home to care for my father who was diagnosed with cancer at 59 years old. Oh, God pushed me to do hard things. God and I wrestled, and I fought Him internally but He wouldn’t relent. He loved my Dad too much! He used me to pray with my Dad and other reluctant family members.

Do you ever feel like it’s harder to share with family than with complete strangers? I did!

I recently shared on the IMB Women’s Blog about 4 Ways to Live Sent.  You can read the full here.

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